This cucco was orginally sent to the Links as a bad joke from Vatti, along with the purpose of having it destroy the Links. Shortly after the Links recieve the cucco, Red and Purple agreed on eating the cucco, but were opposed by both Green and Blue. After telling Purple to follow his lead, Red snatches it, betrays Purple, trying to make it his dinner, but ends up triggering its Super Saiyan state. Shortly after, it summons an army of Cuccos and the cucco army attacks and almost kills Red Link. After the fight, it follows the Links for a mysterious purpose, but Purple Link decides to keep it despite Blue worrying about it. Purple names the super cucco "Cojiro" and even wanted to train it for cockfighting and making money out of it. Blue strongly opposed the idea. After delivering the music box in Kakariko Village, the townsfolk started making fun of him and Blue. In response, Purple eggs Cojiro into frightening everyone by claiming they work for the KFC (Kakariko Fried Cucco) Against the Dark Link clones however, Cojiro literally chickened out. In Kakariko Village, Purple Links names it Cojiro. After that, the cucco follows Blue and Purple Link everywhere, until it flees from Dark Link and his clones and goes to Uncle Alfon's house. At the end of Episode 7, it comes back, frightens Red Link, and the outcome of this is currently unknown.