Zelda four swords misadventures episode 4

Red and Purple discussing their plan....

This episode countines after Green Link is done swearing to Vatti. It is made on July 18, 2007.

This episode opens with Green disturbing the peace of Hyrule because his loud swearing against Vatti echoes across the kingdom. Soon after, Green decides to take the Cucco to Kakariko Village, while Purple and Red Link decides to eat it. After Green takes the cucco, Purple and Red makes a plan to snatch the cucco, but Red turns on Purple and gets the cucco. Red prepares to eat it, but triggers its Super Saiyan state. Meanwhile, Vatti explains that the cucco he sent can transfrom into a Super Cucco. Red attempts to fight off the cucco, but the other Links leaves him to deal with the cuccos while they hide in a house near the Eastern Palace. Purple bets Blue 10 Rupees that Red survives. The Links flee to a house near the Eastern Palace to take refuge from the Cucco Storm. There, they find out where Zelda is and starts off on a Sidequest that goes to Kakariko Village and gets a Music Box. Purple wins his 10 Rupee bet from Blue Link. Shorlty after, Green heals Red with the help of the Chateau Romani, making Red drunk. Green takes Red and the Links head off to Kakariko Village, not knowing that the cucco was following them.

Refrences Made:

1) When Green disturbs the peace, it is a refrence to the Simpsons

2) The cucco's super nature comes from the Super Cuccos that were in a minigame in Ocarana of Time in Lon Lon Ranch

3) Super Saiyan comes from Dragon Ball Z.

4) Vatti explains the cucco in a Dragon Ball Z style monologue

5) The cucco's attack was based on the games. In the games, if someone attacks a cucco, it will summon a cucco storm to kill you. They are also invincible, which is also why Vaati describes them as the "most demonic creature in Hyrule". 6) The Music Box comes from Super Mario 3.

7) When Red Link says "Kakariko Fried Cucco", it refrences Kentucky Fried Chicken

8) Red's fight with the Super Cucco gets censored by a Relax-O-Vision scene. It is a refrence from an old Freakazoid! cartoon