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This episode countines from where Episode 2 left off. It was made on October 24, 2006. A video with the Spanish dub of this episode, as well as episode 1 and 2, was released on Youtube in November 26, 2017 by the creator via Facebook fan request with updated graphics and music and sound effects.

...The Links use the mirror and finally gets back to the Eastern Palace. Blue Link takes charge and opens the middle door, insulting Purple in the process. Shortly after, Red takes the mirror and throws it out of the Eastern Palace, causing it to fall into Smoke's hands and pissing off Green Link in the process. Afterwords, Green and Red argue over the mirror and Green's leadership skills. Just as Green would insult Red and break his last nerve, they find Uncle Alfon, in a seemingly near-death state. However, they find out that he was drunk as a result of the Chateau Romani, described as the "Magic Milk". Green then takes hold of the bottle. Meanwhile, we find Zelda kindapped at a mysterious tower and held hostage by Vatti, the Wind Mage. After Zelda spills the beans that there are 4 Links to Vatti, he leaves Zelda to give Link a "present".. At the palace, the team (Mostly Green and Red) argue over the upcoming Boss Battle. As they charge, they find one boss, which can talk. After a group meeting held by Green, they try to see if the "boss", who is known as Cornholio knows anything about Zelda's whereabouts, but Red butts in and states his "intentions", but Green critizes him. Soon after, Cornholio breaks Red's last nerve, causing him to threatan Cornholio, starting the boss battle. Green then uses Zelda's Ocarana and manages to hypnotize Cornholio and his clones, making it easy for the other Links to defeat the boss. Afterwords, the Links recieve a cucco and a bad joke from Vatti, at which Green is about to curse Vatti when the episode ends (It ends at "Vatti, you no good mother...).

Refrences Made:

1) Smoke from Mortal Kombat appears.

2) Lake Hylia is mentioned by Red.

3) As the Links find Uncle Alfon and tries to help him, the Song of Healing plays in the background.

4) When Green swears at the end, it makes a refrence to Simpsons. This refrence is made more clear in Episode 4.

5) The Armos Knight speaks like Cornoholio, which is reference to Beevis and Butthead.

6) The song Green plays when he plays the Ocarina to mesmerize the Armos Knights is the same one he plays when he wears the Bremen mask in Majora's Mask.