Go Fourth and Multiply is the 11th episode of Hadoukendude's Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Misadventures in the Hyrule Fantasy arc.

Plot Edit

After Red questions Purple about his Avatar parodiment, Zelda notices the 4 Links lack of realization of Oshus's chores being a con, claiming that they are doing this forever. Red asks if they're going to keep the cuccos along, Cojiro stares at Red for insulting him and his friends. After much talking, they decided to let the cuccos return to Lon Lon Ranch, much to Purple's chagrin. Blue advises to keep Zelda in the Darknight armor despite the fact that it gets hotter the longer she's in there, to avoid shock and panic from the town via sight of Zelda being a ghost. Zelda agrees, as it would be embarassing, and also threatens Red again due to Red being rude. They embark and Red gets suspicious, while Zelda asks Purple what he's hiding in his pocket, in which Purple denies.

They eventually reach Kakiriko Village to locate the person who can help find the other mirror shards where Red is starting to remember where and when he got that hookshot. Purple reluctantly volunteers to escort Zelda on her unexpected fashion shopping spree while the other three look for the place following Red's instincts.