Dark Link

Dark Link tries to summon more clones just before Red hits him with the hookshot.


Dark Link is the evil counterpart to Link. He first appears in Episode 2 as the Level 8 boss, but reappears in Episode 6 as Vatti's partner, but betrays Vatti by sending him to Zelda, knowing of her powers, and sending Vatti's minions to Subrosia to get Vatti a big bill (as seen in Episodes 6 and 7) He plans to take over Hyrule. He holds a number of powers, such as summoning shadow clones, along with his sword skills rivaling the other Links. He is currently being questioned and punished by Vatti in the Twilight Realm (or the Dark World). He leads his army of shadow clones to riot all over Hyrule at the end of Episode 6. He is voiced by Victor Fori.